Our Crystal Mini full plus polish service provides a way in which to keep your vehicle free of everyday traffic film/dirt and brake dust build up on your wheels, and internally day to day rubbish is removed along with the dusting of dash and plastic's. A thorough hoover then removes dirt and dust from the carpets and seats. The internal and external plastics are cleaned and dressed for a rejuvenated finish. Finally the exterior is polished to renew the depth and consistency to your vehicles paintwork.

No caustic products are used so your vehicle is left in better condition than before. Many car washes use acidic products so they are cheaper and therefore bring the customers cost down. These caustic products will gradually harm the paint work and lacquer on your wheels and body work, removing the shine and protection from your car. This will also be expensive long term if alloy wheel refurbishment and specialised paint correction is required.

Included in this service:

  • Wheel arches cleaned and dressed
  • Door shuts cleaned
  • Wash with liquid wash wax and dried
  • Wheels cleaned with Autoglym custom wheel cleaner
  • Tyre's cleaned and dressed
  • Exterior and interior windows polished
  • Dash and plastics are cleaned and dusted
  • Rubbish is removed
  • Thorough hoover
  • Sprayfresh and paper matt's are applied
  • Exterior and interior plastics are cleaned and dressed
  • Exterior paint work is polished

The Mini Exterior Valet is priced as follows, dependent on your vehicle size:

  • From £50.00* (tier 1)

* Please be aware that prices are subject to change due to excessive vehicle condition(s).